Friday, August 14, 2009

Martinis and martini bars have become a huge craze in the past few years. The standard martini before this new trend was some gin and dry vermouth, garnished with an olive (yuck!), but now you can get an array of yummy martinis! As a part-time bartender I have the pleasure of making a lot of these fun drinks and usually try them to make sure they taste good! The latest martini that I love is one made with Bubble Gum vodka, it is delicious! It can be used with so many different things, no matter what you mix it with it always tastes good. I like it with sprite and a little splash of grenadine. Martini bars/lounges are also popping up everywhere offering a lot of these specialty drinks. The thing that I like about martini bars is that you can enjoy a drink while talking with a few friends without loud music and chaos all around. These types of bars create an atmosphere that is pleasing to a person like me who likes to dress up in a little black dress and go out to enjoy a few drinks with friends but not have to go to a night club! So, what’s your favorite martini?

by: Coco

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