Monday, August 17, 2009

Gone Batty

Sometimes I think that down deep inside I have minor physic abilities and these abilities often send me little messages that I don’t get. Then something happens like what I am about to write about and suddenly I get the connection or is it déjà vu? I’m sure many reading this will know exactly what I mean. So the other night after a long hard day at work, I decided to relax by looking through some of my magazines, catalogs and such that had been piling up. I was feeling pretty relaxed and thinking about some of the great new clothes I’d like to buy for the Fall season (of course had my Chadwicks catalog with several pages marked......loving the favorite new tees). I then picked up the newspaper and truly don’t know why but read this article about bats and how they are dying off due to some type of bacterial disease and to watch for them. I didn’t think much more about it after that because why would I ever look for bats, yikes!

Later that night I was awakened by our cat Zeeky making loud noises, meowing and jumping at the bedroom door. All I could think of is that stupid cat is going to keep me up all night now. You have to understand that Zeeky was my husband’s idea to bring home, not mine! I’ve never really been that fond of him (I’m a dog lover). Well, after getting up and down several times to let him in and out of the bedroom and meowing, I had enough. I said to my husband “If that darn cat does not stop, I’m throwing him out of the house”. Of course, he said “Just ignore him he’ll stop….go to sleep”.

Finally, at 5:30 am I got up and was about to strangle the cat. I opened the bedroom door and all I saw was Zeeky running down the hallway and a brown blur flying at me! It all happened so fast that it flew into the side of my head and then into the spare bedroom with Zeeky still in chase. I slammed the door shut and screamed for my husband that a bird was in the house and Zeeky had it in the bedroom! He quickly got up and went into the room and closed the door. Needless to say, all I heard was the cat, the bat (which I still thought was a bird) and my husband making a lot of noise. I yelled “what’s happening?” from the other side of the door. He replied “We’ve got a bat not a bird”. Of course, I started screaming more because now I realized it had hit me in the head when it flew by! “Get it, get it!” I yelled.

After about 5 minutes, the noise stopped. My husband opens the door asks for some gloves from the garage and lets me know Zeeky has it trapped in the bookshelf. I hand him the gloves, he closes the door again. I wait…..he opens the door with the bat in his glove squeaking still and says “hurry, open the window”. I run and open the window and he throws it out and believe it or not, it flew away! I then turned around and looked at Zeeky lying on the floor panting heavily, tongue hanging out and most likely thinking “what did you just do……I worked all night for that bat”? Bottom line, I kind of like Zeeky now and lessen learned that you should always listen to your pets when they are acting up.

Who knew that reading an article about bats would lead to a bat encounter that same night! Weird, right?

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