Monday, January 11, 2010

Write a Review!

I really don’t think that you can only learn from your own mistakes (although some people think that’s the best way); I’m discovering all the time that the world (or should I say the on-line community) is just dying to give you direction and opinions that will make your buying decisions a bit easier and maybe a little less stressful.

Let me give you an example: I wanted to buy a hairdryer and I wondered about the ones that claim to use ion technology to dry your hair faster and leave it in better condition than ever. And the manufacturers of these dryers also made a very important (at least to me) anti-static claim that I was hesitant to believe though I definitely wanted to as when I wake up in the morning during the heating season, my hair is a disaster!

So armed with my skepticism and a heartfelt desire to be proven wrong, I went on-line to check out the products. And there were loads of dryers at loads of places! I was stumped as to how to choose one and to be sure that it did what it was supposed to…until I started looking at the reviews from customers who had actually purchased (and sometimes returned) the dryers.

To my surprise, I found a reasonably priced ion dryer that got good reviews from most buyers and it wasn’t 100’s of dollars like the ones that I had first had my eye on. I bought it and agreed with the reviews and went ahead and returned the favor for the rest of the on-line world and wrote a review of my own.

Buying stuff with your hard-earned $$$, while fun, can be a bit hit-or-miss. I’ve discovered if I want to “hit” a lot more than I “miss”, I better pay attention to what my on-line friends have to say. I now encourage everyone to read and write reviews, it’s so easy and yet so powerful to give your opinion to the world.

Speaking of reviews, the websites for both our sister companies provide a convenient place for our customers to give their feedback on everything we sell. Since I’m looking for a good pair of boots, I’m just waiting to see reviews of one particular pair. Please help me out and give me an opinion!


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