Friday, May 7, 2010

My mom is all about trends; my grandmother was too. However their wardrobes looked like they were colorblind at times, or at least pattern-blind. They were famous for taking a look from a trendy magazine and adding their own spin. It didn’t work. They looked like two crazy ladies that could not make up their minds on what to wear, so they just wore it all. Or that is what my teenage eyes saw. Therefore I became the kid who feared patterns. And my wardrobe consisted of neutral colors.

Jumping forward about 30 years (ouch), my kids now tell me that my clothes are boring. And worst of all, Nana is hip! So I need to reevaluate. I am still a bit shy with patterns. But I admit I need to add some trend to my wardrobe. As a compromise, I am going with solids with a pattern, such as this shirt from Chadwicks. Maybe I can add some accessories - and I will finally measure up to my mom!

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

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