Friday, May 14, 2010

Casual Fridays!

Friday is finally here. Yeah! My favorite day of the week! Although I love the weekends of course, I think Friday is my favorite because I still have the weekend to look forward to. And everyone tends to dress a bit more casually on Fridays. Our dress code here is business casual all the time but a lot of companies have Casual Fridays which everyone loves because they can usually wear jeans to work. It's just easier to get ready for work on Fridays for some reason. You don't have to put as much thought into what outfit you are wearing.

There are some really cute items on that would be great for Casual Fridays. The Eyelash Tiered Top paired with the Easy Crop Pants is a great casual outfit. Then just slip into the Nina Thong Wedges and you are on your way. What is you favorite Casual Friday outfit?

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