Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nude Lips

So, I have been admiring all of these famous celebrities with their gorgeous make-up and wondering how I could look like that without having 5 make-up artists touching up my make-up 3 times a day! My first step was to go to the web and see what I could find on make-up tutorials, and I found some really great stuff! YouTube offers a wide variety of eye make-up applications showing you how to have smoky eyes like Kim Kardashian or a more elegant look like Taylor Swift! It is really helpful and it gives step by step instructions to get the look you have always dreamed of! My latest tip was the nude lips that all the big celebrities are sporting these days. You basically white out your lips to have no color then put a gloss over them. It looks great with a dark and drastic eye make-up allowing all the focus to be on your eyes and not your lips. Simply use a concealer on your lips (not too much, making you look lipless), and then apply a shiny clear lip gloss. I tried it out last week and got so many compliments!!
by CoCo

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