Monday, December 7, 2009

Taking Better Care

Well, I’ve done it again. I sometimes try to do things the easiest and cheapest way and guess what— it just doesn’t work out the way I planned. Here’s the latest mistake that I made in the name of trying to out think the manufacturers that make the clothes.

I bought a down jacket that I was quite pleased with, especially cause I got it at such a great price. And all went well until it was time to get it cleaned. I looked at the tag and it said dry clean. Well, all of the other down jackets that I have ever bought were machine washable in a front loader and then dryable in the dryer. Why would I want to spend $$$$ on an expensive dry cleaning bill if I could do it just as easily in a regular washer?

The answer to that became apparent when I took the jacket out of the dryer. Did I mention that it had a cute faux-fur trimmed hood, emphasis on the word had. Apparently, the heat of the dryer is not a good thing to subject faux-fur to. What used to be long, flowing strands of faux fur, now resembled some kind of faux animal with a really bad perm. I did try to wet down the jacket again in a vain attempt to get the hood to go back to normal, but it stayed just as cooked and melted together as ever! I guess things might not have gone so badly if I had unzipped the hood and washed it by hand but I guess you live and learn.

So, now I have a good-looking jacket with a really bad-looking hood. And I’m ashamed to admit that it’s not the first item that I’ve destroyed in the washer, but more often in the dryer. You’d think I’d know better than to experiment with clothing care since I work with clothing; we actually have a testing specialist that works with the vendors to determine the best way to care for your clothes. And they know what they are talking about, so the next time I get a bright idea about how to wash/dry something that isn’t washable/dryable, I hope someone will stage an intervention on me and force me to read (and follow) the instructions on the tag.

Well, the bright side of all this is that I feel better about having my eye on a new jacket that’s in our catalog. And now I feel like I can buy it without feeling guilty. But, I would feel better about the whole experience if I knew I had company (misery does love company, you know) with an unfortunate washday experience. What have you done to mistreat your clothes lately?



  1. When I studied abroad in college, one of my few clothing purchases was a silk blouse from Paris. It was this gorgeous papaya color and had a naturally crinkled finished....well that blouse found its way into the hamper...and then into the washer. Not only did I wash & dry it, it was in with the dark load. So needless to say it came out misshapen with no pretty crinkles and with dark streaks allover it...and I was not happy. The worst part was, it wasn't the last time I did something like that.

  2. I have a lovely hand wash only sweater "drying" on my breezeway. It is frozen solid. It even has icicles! I might get to wear it again in the Spring!